Which book character would Mr Mort be???

This week we welcome our new Assistant Principal for Early Stage 1 to the Library 20170228_140807-2Blog! Thanks Mr Mort for sharing your favourite books with us!

Favourite book growing up

I remember my Year 4 teacher reading a book called “Hunting of Shadroth” by Victor Kelleher. It got me hooked, I still enjoy reading books of adventure.

Favourite books at the moment

I enjoyed Graeme Base books like “Animalia” growing up. I now find his books great to use in the classroom. Books like “Little Elephants” and “The Legend of the Golden Snail” are engaging with fantastic pictures and language to provide stimulus for children’s writing.

If you were a book character, who would you be?

Papa Bear. The most porridge, the biggest chair and the largest bed.

Tips for parents

Reading doesn’t always have to be a test. Hook kids in by telling them about the story before reading, the characters and plot. This way they can enjoy their reading and look forward to the twist, the action or the funny parts.


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