Books for emerging readers – First Chapter Books

It’s exciting when your child starts reading independently and many parents often ask for book suggestions. Book series are a great place to start to encourage reading. Through book series, kids become familiar with the characters which generates interest in getting the next book. Book series help build reading confidence as kids know that they will like the book and be able to read it.

Please post a comment below if you have a suggestion of a good book series for a new reader.

Here are some series to get your kids hooked on reading!

Lily the Elf by Anna Branford

the-jumble-sale    xthe-precious-ring-jpg-pagespeed-ic-vdouefq5de

Billie B Brown and Billie B Brown Mystery series by Sally Rippin

billie billie-b-brown-mystery

Hey Jack! by Sally Rippin

heyjack2 hey-jack1

The Cat on the Mat is Flat, The Cow that went Kapow by Andy Griffiths

Not technically a series, but two seriously silly books!

cow-kapow flat-mat

EJ Spy School


Zac Power Test Drive


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