Book Review – Artie and the Grime Wave

xartie-and-the-grime-wave-jpg-pagespeed-ic-c_vw-qh2duTwelve-year-old Artie Small lives with his Mum and older sister, Lola. When Artie’s shoes are stolen by the mayor’s son and school bully Nate Grime, Artie’s best mate Gumshoe offers to help. This is when Artie and Gumshoe accidentally discover a “cave of possibly stolen stuff”.

What follows is a fast paced, action packed adventure full of zany characters and comical situations. Sketch illustrations throughout the book add to the comedy help readers visualise the action.

It is impressive to find a book that is engaging and witty, and also well written using complex sentences and advanced vocabulary. This book is thoroughly recommended!

Book Title: Artie and the Grime Wave

Author: Richard Roxburgh (yes, the actor!)

Age: 9+

Available at: Target, bookshops, online book suppliers.

Price: around $12

Also available from ABC shop online is the audio book read the author!

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