The Book Fair has arrived!!!!!

During week 3, Belair will host a Scholastic book fair in the library!!!


Starting on Monday 24th October, a fantastic range of books, novelty items and posters will be for sale.

20161021_111015There is a section including new releases including The Bad Guys #4, WeirDo 7, Tiny Timmy #3 : Living the Dream, Pixel Raiders #2 and the new Tom Gates : Dog Zombies Rule (For Now).

Author Jackie French promotes letting children browse and choose their own book. Jackie says “Let your children become feral book hunters” and “Let children browse the good stuff. If your child is bored with books, they just haven’t met the right one”.


The Book Fair is an excellent opportunity for Belair students to choose quality books they would like to read.

Not only can your children enjoy purchasing great books, the Book Fair is an important fundraiser as 20% of the sales value is returned to the school library. Miss Kelly would like to purchase new books for the library by local authors and illustrators, ensure the collection includes all titles in popular book series, and also start a makerspace in the library.

Makerspaces are very popular in school libraries as a way of encouraging students to be creative and work together in a non-structured environment. Makerspaces ideally have a range of materials, and Miss Kelly would like to begin building up resources for a makerspace in the library including craft supplies and construction materials.

The Book Fair also includes many Christmas themed activity books, as well as a bargain table with book, pencil & eraser for $6!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Book Fair!!!!!



Reference for Jackie French quotes:


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