Digital Library Resources – Free Access

Did you know that Newcastle Region Library has a range of freely available digital resources for kids? You just need your library card barcode number to access great resources in various formats.

The eLibrary can be found from the Library’s homepage:


For eBooks, select ‘Read’ and then ‘eBooks’. This will bring up a list of the suppliers that the library is subscribed to. eBooks can be accessed on PCs and mobile devices, and you will need your library card barcode number the first time you login.

Alternatively, when searching the library catalogue the eBook version will be included, and you can follow the link to access the book.

For example, the catalogue indicates that book 3 in the Ranger’s Apprentice series is available as an eBook from 3M cloud library. To access the ebook, install the ‘3M cloud library’ app, and then select ‘connect to your library’. Choose AU from the drop down menu, New South Wales, and then Newcastle Region Libraries. You will need to enter your library card barcode number to login. Then you can open the app anytime to select ebooks to borrow.



Story Box Library is a collection of videos of Australian books:

“Watch your favourite Australian stories read by our best storytellers”

Story Box Library can be accessed for free from the library website:

Click this link from your device and make sure “Welcome Newcastle Region Library” comes up. Then enter your library card barcode number.

The videos are great – the reader gives an introduction and shows the book. The illustrations are displayed as the story is read.

To date there are 125 books, including:

  • My Dog Bigsy, read by author Alison Lester
  • I got this Hat, rea by comedian Anne Edmonds
  • The Deep End, read by actor Melissa Bergland
  • Noah Dreary, read by Aaron Blabey
  • Scary Night, read by Chanelle Sheehan
  • Greetings from Sandy Beach, read by Justine Clarke
  • Bille B Brown- The Cutest Pet Ever, read by author Sally Rippin
  • Hey Jack – The Worry Monster, read by author Sally Rippin

The next post will focus on audiobooks from Bolinda.

By Catherine Whittaker

*TIP* If you are asked for your pin when accessing eResources, and you have never changed the pin, it will be the default pin – 1234.

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