Audio Books

Audio books are a great way to add literature to your day, and is made easier by using audio book apps supported by public libraries. Newcastle Region Libraries and Lake Mac Libraries have several audiobook subscriptions. The Bolinda app, “BorrowBox” has recently been made available by both library services. To use the app, download from the App Store, and then select your library. The first time, you will need to log in with your library card barcode and pin.


BorrowBox has a vast selection of books for children read by engaging and well known narrators, including the Andy Griffiths books narrated by the hilarious Stig Wemyss, and the Bille B Brown series narrated beautifully by Eloise Magnion.  Listening to expert narrators helps kids follow the story and understand what is happening, and also how to read out loud.

If your car is blue-tooth enabled (or you have the required cable), it is easy to download a book on the app on your phone and play it through the car stereo. For around town, collections of short stories are great – why not listen to a book on the way to sport/music/dancing/gymnastics? With school holidays coming up, why not delve into Paper Planes on your way to your holiday destination?

Here is a link to a detailed guide for using BorrowBox prepared by Rural Libraries Queensland should you have any problems:

Books currently available to borrow from BorrowBox include:

The Cleo Stories, written and read by Libby Glesson

Tom Gates: Top of the Class, written by Liz Pichon and read by Rupert Grint

Paper Planes, written by Steve Worland and read by David Wenham

Zac Power: Shock Music, written by H.I. Larry and read by Alan King

Specky Magee and the Great Footy Contest, written and read by Felice Arena and Garry Lyon

Give Peas a Chance, written by Morris Gleitzman, read by Morris Gleitzman and Ruth Schoenheimer

Rangers Apprentice: Tournament at Gorlan, written by John Flanagan and read by Piers Wehner

The Belair Public School Library also has a small collection of Audio Books that students can borrow the same way they would borrow other books in the library.

These titles include:

The Rod Clement Collection

The Roald Dahl Collection

Blueback by Tim Winton

Specky Magee

What Bumosaur is that? by Andy Griffiths


By Catherine Whittaker

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