Father’s Day – share a book!

This Father’s Day why not share a book?

Local author Katrina McKelvey has published a beautiful picture book about a father and daughter and the magic of dandelions.


‘Dandelions’ is available at bookshops (there are copies at Harry Harthog at Kotara and MacLeans Booksellers in Beaumont Street).

Dads and kids will love sharing a funny book – try ‘This is a Ball’ by Beck and Matt Stanton, or ‘Piranha’s Don’t Eat Banana’s’ by Aaron Blabey.

this is a ball         pirahnas bananas

For older kids, share and read out loud something funny and silly – anything by Andy Griffiths, or maybe Captain Underpants by Dave Pilkey! Or take time out to read a favourite chapter of the book they are reading.

52 storey         just shocking               captain underpants 1

There are also picture books focusing on Father’s Day available which are a lovely gift – look out for ‘Some Dads’ by Nick Bland and ‘My Dad is a Giraffe’ by Stephen Michael King.

some dads                dad is a giraffe

Below is an extract from an article by Linda Ravin Lodding, published on the Random House Kids website, which explains how children’s lives are enriched by being read to – by fathers and adults in their lives.

“Studies, in fact, show that boys who are read to by their fathers scored significantly higher in reading achievement, and, when fathers read recreationally, their sons read more and scored higher than did boys whose fathers did little or no recreational reading.

When dads read with their kids, they share the story experience together and bring their own perspective to the reading, which will differ from a mother’s perspective. Books are stepping stones for children to understanding the wider world beyond their door.  Adults learn about the humankind through books and it’s no less so for children.

Reading with their children also helps fathers to see the world through their child’s eyes. As well as teaching kids about the world, reading to children teaches dads about their children. Through reading, a parent learns what their child finds funny, scary, mean, and kind and can also be clued in to what their child knows and what needs further explaining. 

But the benefits of dads reading to their children go well beyond the academic and can be as positive to the dad as the child.  After a hectic day at work, reading is a wonderful way for dads to relax with their kids and focus on their child. It’s a time to take a break from life’s distractions and engage fully with their child.

There are many great reasons that dads should read to their kids.  Probably the biggest reason of all is that it is a wonderful way for dads to get closer to their kids and, in turn, create a lifetime of cherished memories. But most of all, reading is a shared endeavour between all the adults in a child’s life—and a shared joy.”

Source: http://www.randomhousekids.com/blog/why-dads-should-read-their-kids#.V8GFBZh96Uk


by Catherine Whittaker

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