Book Week 2016!

What an amazing day we had on Thursday! It was great to see all the teachers, students and families at Belair get behind the Book Parade.

Everyone looked amazing and it was so great to see so many individual and original costumes. We had such a wide range of ideas that were so imaginative and creative. Examples include: Greg Heffley, Geronimo Stilton, Ruby Wishfingers, Arkie Sparkle, Bad Guys, Katniss, Demon Dentist, Boy in the Dress, Titanic, Green Sheep, Tom Gates, Hagrid and so many more!

This day is my favourite day of the year and not just because we get to dress up, dance around and eat sausage sandwiches. I love the Book Parade because it is an event where we can all celebrate and enjoy books. Every single one of us has a book or book character that we love (or loved) and can relate to. I truly believe that it is essential for all people (not just kids) to experience that amazing feeling of loving a book or a character from a book. Books can be our soft places, our safe places. They can help children to not only understand ourselves, but love themselves. Because when we relate truly relate to a character and feel they know what it is like in our minds and bodies it makes life so much better!

I think that we need this day (Book Parade Day) to simply celebrate books and learning because sometimes, when the focus is on reading levels and comparing our reading to someone else or always improving we forget that we read to experience joy and to learn new things and that we read to form relationships with fictional characters. I still regularly fall in love with book characters, which might explain so much in my life!

Reading is the safest way to travel the globe (or the solar system), to learn about other cultures and beliefs, to go through the ups and downs of childhood and life and to develop our sense of self.

These are the reasons we should read and the reasons we should encourage our children to LOVE books and reading and I think that Book Week helps with this!

I am so very grateful for every single person who helped make costumes, who attended the parade and who encourages a love of reading in children. Reading will take our children places and help them to navigate the rolling rapids of life!

Happy Book Week 2016!

Miss Kelly

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