Review of Shortlisted books for CBCA Book 2016 Awards – Younger Readers

younger readers shortlist 2016 image

The Younger Reader category includes books written for children in years 3-6 and therefore includes a range of different texts.

“Soon” by Morris Gleitzman is the fifth book is the series about a Jewish boy from Poland before, during and after WWII. The series is hugely popular and well written. Each book is a stand-alone narrative, and this particular book describes Felix’s life after the war. Gleitzman includes all the horrors of war and therefore parents will need to consider at what age to introduce this series to their children.

“Run, Pip, Run” is a story about 10 year old Pip, who is on the run from social services after her carer suffers a stroke. We follow Pip’s adventures through Sydney as she takes care of herself and faces many challenges. The book is enjoyable to read, full of action and raises lots of topics to discuss (including homeless, theft and strangers). This book is aimed at upper primary school.

“The Cleo Stories: A Friend and a Pet” is the follow up to last year’s winner of this category – “The Cleo Stories: The Necklace and The Present”. Libby Gleeson has again created two delightful stories where Cleo faces problems children can relate to – having no one to play with and wanting a pet. These books are aimed at children aged 5-8 years.

“Molly & Pim and the Millions of Stars” explores friendship, individuality and acceptance, with some magic.

“Sister Heart” is an account of an Aboriginal girl removed from her family in Northern Australia to live in a government institution in the south. The story shows an important part of Australia’s history – the Stolen Generation. The story is written in verse and from the girl’s perspective. This is a confronting and moving story, aimed at upper primary. Parents may wish to read this book themselves to ensure that the book is suitable for their child.

“Star of Deltora – Shadows of the Master” is the first book in a new series from Emily Rodda. Rodda authored the popular “Deltora Quest” series which was published in 2000, and “Star of Deltora” returns readers to the land of Deltora – a magical place filled with danger. Check out the book trailer here

Have your children read these books? What did they think? Please share their thoughts and comment below!


by Catherine Whittaker

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