Welcome to the Belair Public School Library Blog!

The goal of this blog is to  keep the school community informed about all that is happening in library. We want to provide you with information about children’s books and give you tips to encourage your kids to read and develop a love of reading!

We will highlight local community events that you can attend with your family that are related to literature and learning.

The blog will also include updates about what is happening in the library at Belair so that you are aware of the library learning environment and the experiences your children are having when they visit the library during class time or at lunchtimes.

Please feel free to share books your child has read and enjoyed or events you may have attended or be aware of that would be great for families in the Belair Community. We would love to see the blog as active as possible and encourage dialogue between parents.

This blog is the joint initiative of Catherine Whittaker and Nyssa Kelly. We welcome your feedback on our blog in the form of comments or suggestions. If you have any information you think should be included please send an email to nyssa.kelly@det.nsw.edu.au.


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